A big fan of Rotary

I WANTED to write to say how pleased I was to see the Rotary back in Lancing.

A week ago, I was passing Headborough Gardens, in South Street, and watched a small ceremony involving Councillor Bridges and others planting some rose bushes.

I was told it was to mark another 10 years of Rotary in Lancing, and they have had a local club running for more than 50 years.

I think Gardner & Scardifield were very good, too, by donating new rose bushes.

It is excellent our local firms are supporting Rotary and others.

I have lived here for many years and have always enjoyed events the Rotary have run.

I don’t remember any recently, but I will be pleased to see them back. I will certainly go along to their concert on April 2, at the parish hall. Well done, everyone.

Gladys Ingram,

Penhill Road