A big thank you

I felt I just had to write regarding our NHS.

I went in for a routine operation and my stay was made very comfortable with attentive staff from the bottom to the very top. I was discharged the next day, and the following day there appeared to be a complication.

My husband phoned the doctor, who in turn recommended he called an ambulance and before the call was finished the ambulance had arrived. The ambulance crew were calm and attentive and made journey as comfortable as possible advising me of what they were doing all the time.

On my arrival at hospital, I was placed in the care of staff at A&E who were equally supportive, caring and kind, explaining everything that was going on.

I then went into the catheter lab where I was prepared by equally reassuring and caring staff. then to theatre having the same consultant who talked me through everything as the procedure was being performed, then placed back on the ward I had originally been on. Having ordered my evening meal in three separate departments (as by now I was pretty hungry) I thought it would never carch up with me. The staff on the ward made sure I ate. I remained in hospital for three nights.

I cannot thank all the staff enough from the ambulance staff whose suggestion it was that I was admitted, the kitchen staff who fed us, to the cleaners and the tea lady who had a chat on their way round, the nurses, doctors and consultants who were attentive throughout, expalining things and reassuring all the time. I was treated by all with respect and care.

I felt I had to say a big thank you as our NHS gets such bad press. Thank you all so, so much.

Rosemary Reynolds

Kelso Close