A different view

We have read much in the national press about the failings of the NHS, the Mid.

Staffs Hospital scandal and lazy nurses, etc., so when I was admitted into the Coombes ward of Worthing Hospital as an NHS patient nearly a fortnight ago, I wondered what hospital life would be like.

I was discharged on Tuesday, February 26, with a very different view from the one portrayed in the media.

I found the ward very clean throughout my stay, in fact the hospital as a whole seemed to be kept clean.

I had quite a serious abdominal operation performed with great skill with keyhole surgery by Mr M Baig and the post-operative care was excellent with great attention to detail and the surgical team kept a close eye on me.

The nursing staff carried out their various checks and tests with minimum fuss and were always pleasant and friendly.

Nothing was too much trouble for them.

I am pleased to state that I was cured of the problem that I had had unknowingly since birth.

As for lazy nurses, Coombes ward is a very busy place and the doctors and nurses seemed to me to be fully occupied, not least because of the turnover and the number of seriously ill patients in the ward.

It would be a salutary experience if some of those critics could spend a week in the ward I was in.

I have no doubt that they would change their views.

I can only speak as I have found.

John Brenton

Hurston Lane