A fair chance?

I was very interested to see the result of the Eastleigh by-election and the huge swing, from 3.6 per cent in the general election two years ago to 28 per cent.

With the county council elections coming up on May 2, I wonder if Worthing will have a similar swing to that party, in the light of voters’ anticipation of EU rule changes, which will mean that Bulgarian and Romanian citizens will have free movement across the EU in 2014.

Most of these folks will be poor migrants who will be looking for unskilled, manual-labour jobs that are in ever-decreasing supply as citizens from across the Eurozone enter the UK.

The Think Tank Migration Watch UK estimate that there will be 50,000 people coming from these two countries every year.

My worry is that the local Worthing workforce, including school leavers, will find it very hard to gain employment in the unskilled sector.

I fear that not enough is being done to reach out to our youth to give them a fair chance of employment.

Kirk Dickenson

Cote Street