A feast of creativity

THERE’S been a definite sense that Worthing has been changing in recent years.

The population is getting younger, culture is getting more vibrant and the seafront’s getting busier every summer.

Nothing better sums up the spirit that’s bubbling under than the giant psycho-sandwich on the front of Feast, in Warwick Street, which brightens up the Guildbourne precinct. While the council has been talking up the arts and the Town Centre Initiative investing in an empty plinth, a local business has put its money where it matters and commissioned Aroe, a local artist with a national reputation.

It’s a bit of a trend – Fresh Egg, in Buckingham Road, has also commissioned a spray can artist, who’s decorated its office; the results can be seen online.

But Feast’s contribution is very public, and evokes the spirit of neighbouring buildings like the old Ship Inn, given a very modern twist.

It couldn’t be any more different from the equally impressive heritage restoration of the new Centrestage Salon in South Street, but both are signs that if we trust local entrepreneurs, they’ll make the town a much better place.

Let’s hope more Worthing businesses make the effort and the council recognises that creativity, innovation and style are the way forward.

Dan Thompson

Tower Road