A ‘good idea’?

According to a recent article in the Herald (December 26), councillors were in agreement that many motorists in Lancing were flouting the rules of the road, one of which is the 30mph speed limit, and have suggested a lower limit of 20 mph.

Perhaps someone could explain to me why the drivers who totally disregard the present 30mph would immediately start to obey the law if the limit was 20mph?

This idea is completely illogical, as is the situation where a village like Lancing, albeit the largest in England, needs 16 councillors, especially when they come up with such ill thought out plans as this one.

Mind you, traffic in Seaside Avenue will be at a stand-still once the nearby school has expanded from 385 to 630, so no need for a 20mph limit there.

I wonder if the same councillors were also involved in deciding that a new school entrance sited in a cul-de-sac would be a ‘good idea’.

Perhaps the next ‘good idea’ would be to limit the number of councillors.

Eric Waters

Ingleside Crescent