A grateful patient speaks out

After all the panic about the length of time patients were waiting for doctors or ambulances, I wondered if it would be worthwhile to call for help Bank Holiday Sunday.

I pressed my red Careline button and explained I was having trouble breathing and was gasping for breath.

I could not hear the person who replied; she then phoned me. I was still talking to her when, to my surprise, the ambulance arrived. It was a welcome miracle!

I was fitted with a nebuliser in the ambulance and received steroids and antibiotics in hospital.

I was given enough to last me the rest of the bank holiday until the rest of my medication could be delivered. I came home the same day.

The person who answered my red button call explained most of the details to the hospital, which in my panic saved me.

My eternal gratitude to the lady who responded to my call, the ambulance crew and Worthing Hospital for all the help they gave me.

I would advise elderly people who live alone to get the red button. It could save their life. It is called Red Assure. The number to ring is 01903 703103.

From a very grateful NHS patient.

Kathleen Skeet

Brougham Road