A job well done

I’d like to offer my heartfelt appreciation of Worthing Hospital, particularly their eye clinic, before someone bemoans, yet again, that granny was left on a trolley for a half-hour without a cup of tea.

Well, it happens. In all hospitals, no doubt. The world isn’t perfect.

But the eye clinic must come closer to perfection than many. I’ve had 12 years of regular visits there; most recently for cataract removal which, in passing, takes about 15 minutes of painless tools-in-the-eye work from a whole morning’s visit. And yes, all that time is well spent; particularly that used in drinking two servings of tea/coffee.

How ophthalmic work such as mine can be done in 15 minutes implies a staggering degree of skill on the part of Mr Teimory’s team (he runs the clinic). Most of us struggle to bang a nail in straight.

So. please, let us all appreciate what great work is certainly being done in all parts of our hospital.

David King

Navarino Road