A lack of tolerance

I GAIN the impression Ian Hart’s column in the Herald is developing into a weekly rant against the underprivileged and less fortunate among us.

Recently, he had a go at immigrants (euphemistically referred to as “strangers in the town”). Two weeks ago, he returned to a subject he has written on before: benefit claimants.

Mr Hart suggests that we should all support our appalling government in its strategy to make life worse for those who cannot work or are unable to get a job.

He trots out the tired old cliché about benefit “spongers”, living in the lap of luxury at the expense of the rest of us.

His view is that having a television and something to sit on are beyond the right of benefit claimants.

Are we to assume he would rather they lived in sheds with cardboard boxes for furniture? Or maybe he would prefer to see more beggars on our streets sleeping in shop doorways?

In a world where bankers are being paid ludicrous bonuses and the rich are permitted tax breaks and other forms of tax evasion, Mr Hart (without any evidence) would have us believe that the “underclass” (i.e., the underprivileged) will “bleed our country dry”.

May I suggest that Mr Hart sticks to his sports column where, occasionally, he does write without giving the impression he is an out- of-touch old bore.

Surely, some kindness and tolerance are not too much to ask?

Bill Geddes

Lansdowne Road