A matter of faith

I WRITE in response to Mr Steel’s letter of September 13, entitled Faith not declining.

On reading Mr Steele’s letter again, I would like to ask a simple question.

He agrees there is a decline in formal Christianity, but he mentions “a clear growth in alternatives within younger age groups”. Are these alternatives Christian beliefs? If the answer is yes, then being a Christian is being a Christian regardless of where one prays and of which ever branch of Christianity one belongs.

That is if these alternative believers have declared themselves as Christian on any survey form. Therefore, this will not increase the overall numbers of Christians on the census form I discussed in my letter of August 23.

So, it must follow that faith in the Christian message is declining; not “Faith is not declining” as the title of Mr Steele’s letter suggests if he is talking about Christian faith. It will be interesting to see what the statistics reveal on religion when last year’s national census survey results are produced.

Elaine Ansell

Ophir Road