A matter of time

LAST Friday was a beautiful day and dozens of parents and children making use of the excellent play-park facility opposite Wallace Avenue.

There wasn’t a spare square inch to park one’s bottom on the sea wall.

Some grandparents chose to sit on the bench across the prom to view their charges from a distance.

But then, out of the blue, a young lad left the enclosure to run across the Tarmac to greet grandma and grandpa.

At the same time a cyclist, riding no more than a metre and a half away from the wall, came within inches of mangling him.

The force with which he applied his brakes made the cycle’s rear wheel leave the ground.

The boy, luckily, froze on the spot, his little face aghast at coming so close to the machinery hurtling at him.

I find it incredulous that the council sees fit to paint a no-go area around the toilets and the little-used shelters, yet the coming and going at this particular site has no exclusion zone.

May I suggest when the council next meets in the daytime, one fine day and before the school holidays end, they hire a minibus (I’ll pay for it) and park in the road and just observe.

They won’t believe the mayhem surrounding that 40 metres or so of promenade.

But then, on the other hand, the members are so blinkered as to allow cycling in the first place.

At the risk of appearing a doom-monger, I say again – it’s only a matter of time.

Brian Wiggins

Highdown Avenue