A missed chance to create something special?

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The new Splashpoint complex – a superb site on the promenade built with no access from the prom and no perception and realisation of the potential site assets.

This could have been the most popular (and profitable) café/restaurant rendezvous site in Worthing, with beautiful sea views on two floors, adjoining the beach, promenade, pools, exercise facilities, Beach House Park, near Worthing hospital, with car parking and an excellent bus service.

As it is, the beautiful sea panorama is given only to fitness suites and the pools, for which it is of marginal value; these could easily have been accommodated elsewhere in the complex by making use of the very large area devoted to the empty Splashpoint forecourt.

The dim, small and unattractive café has been placed in the noisy central reception area of the building; bedlam at busy times

Were the initial draft sketch plans publicised to voters before before £19.7m of our money was committed?

Leslie Fuhrmann

Tennyson Road