A need for more speed cameras?

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Your letters

I would like to thank that generous drivers of Worthing and Sussex Police for their contribution to road safety.

In the Herald last week, I read the court report for the first time and got some wonderful news – 13 people have contributed a total sum of £4,570 to the community for driving misdemeanours. Perhaps I should record the figures each week.

I have often written complaining about the town’s poor record for road safety.

If the cure is preferable to prevention I would like to suggest the use of more speed cameras as so many of the town’s drivers seem to be so keen to contribute to our road safety coffers (they just lack the opportunity to invest).

Please do not take this statement to its literal extreme and feel selfish for maintaining the law of the land as, if everyone did, there would be no need for the fines and law enforcement to improve road safety.

Drive carefully and remember the 30mph sign indicates maximum speed.

J. P. Saville

The Heights

Findon Valley

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