A new religion?

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Your letters

Having read your excellent comprehensive and unbiased review of the parties’ policies featured in the Herald (May 8), I am concerned that UKIP has become like a new religion in the south, and ‘Farage followers’ will vote with their heart and not their head.

Do UKIP supporters really know what they are voting for?

The European and local elections are far too important to mess about with mere protest votes which could damage our political power structure and relationship with other countries.

Surely, while the economy is so fragile, it makes sense to be in to win than out with no clout.

Currently, it is vital that Britain keeps a seat around the negotiating table to influence decisions that could affect all our lives.

UKIP want ‘Home Rule’, and then what? We really would be at the mercy of others with no say at all. Food and products would be dearer as levies would apply.

What do UKIP want us to do, start invading countries to build the British Empire again or be isolated as we were in the war, eating only what we could grow? What do they propose to do about our manufacturing industry and export trade?

UKIP’s vision for the future is so blinkered I can’t believe people can be so taken in by their propaganda.

‘Immigrants taking our jobs’ they protest. Immigrants can only apply for job vacancies, same as other residents in Britain, if no jobs for British, then no jobs for immigrants either.

Controlling immigration is on the agenda, the economic crisis has forced a re-think in many areas, including employment and access to our housing, welfare benefits and health services.

All countries will be re-negotiating the best terms to enable them to prosper, while retaining their individual culture, language, religion and domestic laws.

Many of the ‘rules’ criticised by UKIP would still need to remain, even if we left the EU. Our country leads as a fair and democratic society, our judicial system and police service is second to none and, although struggling, we still have a health service many other countries envy and we have retained our sterling currency.

Yvonne Leonard

Madeira Avenue


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