A poor menu, still?

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IT would appear the food at Worthing Hospital has not improved in the last 18 years.

Then, my mother was in one of the wards and I had to take food into her and ask for cans of liquid food to be given to her to prevent her wasting away.

As stated, no one cared if food was eaten or not.

Many years ago I was in a London hospital in the days of matrons, sisters and orderlies. Orderlies and nurses served the food from a central trolley – no choices then. A nurse or orderly collected the tray and reported to sister if it was not eaten.

She would then order that alternatives be offered. These would be soup, scrambled or boiled eggs and toast.

All wards had kitchens and the alternative food was served quickly and a member of staff made sure it was eaten.

Needless to say, if help was required it was immediately given whether it was moving food in reach, cutting it up or feeding.

Maybe we should return to proper nursing practice – everyone was washed or bed-bathed in those days. In the three weeks she was in hospital, my mother was not properly washed or bed-bathed.

As soon as she could walk, I had to bath her as nurses allegedly had not time despite the hours they spent doing nothing but chat at the nursing station.

S. Humphreys

Meadow Road