A recycling plea

IT seems to me that the Government and subsequently local councils are not really taking recycling seriously.

Anyone who has a recycling bin, look inside the lid. They are not interested in:

– Plastic bags

– Yoghurt pots

– Margarine tubs (what about butter tubs?)

– Ice cream containers

– Plastic food trays

– Other plastic containers

– Plastic wrapping

– Aluminium foil

– Aluminium food trays

– Metallic or wax paper

Why not aluminium food trays when they accept aluminium drink cans, why plastic milk bottles but not yoghurt pots or ice cream containers, etc?

Politicians love making laws and it would be the simplest thing to say all food containers/wrappers must be made of recyclable material.

Sadly, it seems our MPs are not interested.

Perhaps they are too busy flying off to observe things in other countries.

Anthony Farrar

Compton Avenue

Goring by Sea