A selfish bully

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Your letters

A couple of weeks ago I was driving along Goring Road and stopped at the traffic lights at Durrington Bridge.

Someone had thrown a piece of bread out of their car window and the seagulls flew down to retrieve it. As the lights changed to green, the car in the other side of the road deliberately accelerated away very quickly so that the seagulls did not have a chance to get out of the way.

He killed one straight away and left the other one maimed and in pain, unable to move. I know that some people do not like seagulls, but you do not have to like seagulls to want to see it suffer and in pain.

These birds can live 25 years – it was completely unnecessary.

What right have some humans to think they have the only right to be on this planet? Some people put nets on their roofs, which is also wrong because these birds get caught up in them. Birds are an integral part of our life and whoever did this was a selfish bully.

Esme Fleming

Warwick Road


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