A wee parking snag

WHAT is going on in this mad world?

I urgently needed to drop a urine sample into the Broadwater Surgery on Tuesday morning.

This was as I was on my way through to pick up my 89-year-old mum from Storrington to bring her for an appointment at Worthing Hospital.

I thought it would take a few minutes and would still give me plenty of time for the rest of my journey.

I circled the roads round the back of the surgery avoiding the paying car park, but all the spaces were occupied.

“If only I could just nip into the car park for two minutes for the drop-off” was my thought.

So into the car park I went, but I lost my nerve.

I feared I would be clamped the same way I was clamped there once before when I stopped off for an injection and “accidentally” left my car where I shouldn’t have.

With the thought of paying yet another £130, I was forced to cross the main road and try the road at the side of the church.

Still no spaces.

In a desperate bid I tried all the roads behind Somerfield, but still nowhere.

By this time, I was running late for my Storrington pick-up, so feeling very frustrated and angry I had to go on my way.

Why should we have to pay to go to the doctors?

And why isn’t there a drop-off bay for situations like mine?

Even Worthing Hospital gives you 15 minutes free in its car park and also provides couple of 10-minute drop off points.

What’s so special about Broadwater?

It’s got one tatty old car park and charges the earth just for the pleasure of using a few shops and a doctors’ surgery.

Storrington, Littlehampton, Shoreham and many other towns and villages have a parking disc system which can be obtained either free or for a 50p charge.

It works very well and is convenient and cheap for the shopper.

And you could use it for dropping off without that fear of becoming a victim of the wardens.

We really need to have a rethink in Broadwater.

Why should we have to pay in an emergency situation?

And would we even think about running half-way round the car park to obtain a ticket. Broadwater, you know it makes sense, gives us a break.

Pam Skelton

Goldsmith Road