A27 alternative?

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Your letters

So far, there have been two solutions offered to the A27 problem around Worthing, namely tunnelling through the Downs or widening the road through Worthing.

However, I do think that there is a cheaper and more practical solution.

Travelling west, a new by-pass could start at the Adur flyover and go north past the old cement works, and follow the route of the Steyning by-pass and continue through Wiston to Washington.

There, it would turn south, down the A24 to Findon, and then head west along Long Furlong to link up with the A27 at Clapham.

At first glance, this may seem a very round-about route, but in fact it is only about 14 miles, compared to the present route of eight miles. At an average speed of 60mph, one could cover this distance in 14 minutes. When was the last time you could go from the Adur flyover to Clapham so quickly?

The advantage of this route is that it uses existing roads and has very little impact on the South Downs National Park, and very few houses

and businesses would have to be moved.

A motorway services could even be established on the site of the cement works.

Bob Ellis

Halsbury Close


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