A27 bypass fail

Yet again, Worthing has been failed by its Members of Parliament, in their inability to secure the by-pass which our town badly needs, whilst Chichester, which already has dual carriageways around it, is to have further major improvements.

This failure is lamentable, particularly, on the part of Sir Peter Bottomley who was once Minister of Transport.

The A27, as a trunk road, is totally deficient as far as Worthing is concerned. The time wasted sitting in traffic and the pollution from the resultant stationary traffic is very injurious to the health of Worthing residents, and for the economic regeneration of Worthing.

Government budget cuts are often quoted as to why Worthing is to be denied its bypass, in the same way as Worthing Borough Council has had to cope with a 40 per cent reduction in its Government grant over the past three years.

One of the results of this has been, a £500,000 cut in grounds maintenance which will see most of the remaining flower displays in our parks and gardens disappear.

One budget which has not been cut is the one that sends £55MILLION a day to Brussels, that has risen by 22 per cent in the last year alone.

So, if ‘one’ continues to wonder at the lack of a by-pass, and those services which used to be provided by the borough and county councils ‘one’ may question why so much of our taxes are being sent to the EU?

Councillor Charles James

Downview Road