A27 hold-up for one sweeper

On Saturday, (1.30pm) we left home to visit Lewes.

At 2.30pm, we still had not achieved the Manor Roundabout due to the volume of traffic.

Finally at 2.50pm, we reached the Sussex Pad lights only to find that there was ONE worker sweeping the road with a broom.

I found this totally ludicrous and called the Highways Agency to complain.

I was told that it was too much work to re-open the closed carriageway and this was done for safety reasons.

What a load of rubbish.

Then, on my return at around 5pm, both carriageways eastbound were open and no traffic hold-ups visible,.

Therefore, why was there such a mess at a peak time of travel for people?

The press are communicating the least disruption is being made to the local community.

This was certainly not the case on Saturday.


I look forward to the Highways Agency’s comments, justification.

Dave Tracey

Western Road, Sompting