Academy concern

AS a prospective parent of Worthing High School, I am concerned about the head teacher’s recent proposal for the school to become an academy.

I wish to better understand the implications of changing the school’s status before a decision is made by Alison Beer and her governing body.

Why does she feel this change is needed?

Does the change mean that Worthing High School is a failing school?

What would such a change mean, not only for the school and its students, but also for the wider Worthing community – the local authority and all the other schools in Worthing?

Unfortunately, prospective parents at feeder schools were not made aware of the meeting chaired by Alison Beer at Worthing High School on April 24.

Instead, I attended the public meeting held at St Mary’s church on May 3, to find out more.

It was disappointing that neither Alison Beer nor any of her governors were present at this meeting, as the parents there missed the opportunity to hear both sides of the academisation argument; for and against.

I feel that another public meeting is required, on neutral ground, where the significant issues surrounding the change of the school’s status can be discussed, in a meaningful and democratic way.

There seems to be a general lack of understanding and knowledge, among parents, about the academisation of our schools.

We have many questions to ask. Alison Beer is an influential figure, shaping the education of our children and, as such, she should be dynamic in helping to inform us.

I hope she will make herself available for these questions from parents, prospective parents and the wider community at her soonest convenience.

I understand that there is a group of parents, together with representatives of the teaching unions, who would be willing to meet with Alison Beer and the governors to discuss the proposal and answer questions.

Sarah Maynard

Bulkington Avenue