Access issues vital

WHILE, generally, the college relocation plans are to be applauded, the issue of the traffic problems cannot be dismissed easily.

The proposal of more entrances and pelican crossings across the A27 should really be a non-starter, as this will simply slow the traffic down even more.

Surely, for this project to be viable, more consideration has to be given to an underpass or a bridge along similar lines to the one at Lancing in front of the school on the A27.

I suspect that the real agenda here is one of cost as security issues for the underpass could be overcome by good lighting and security cameras backed up by regular police patrols, while a bridge across the Grove Lodge roundabout would clearly not be cheap.

The planned college would be a great asset for Worthing, but please let’s not spoil it by not thinking through the access issues.

Derek Price

Poulters Lane