Additive warning

DURING the many years I’ve been a mother, foster carer, shared-life carer and co-organiser of a parent/carer baby and toddler group, I’ve seen first-hand the negative effects various food additives can have on children’s mood and behaviour. Some adults too!

A while ago, I started to produce little cards people could take shopping with them. The cards list the particular additives, to help people avoid them but still buy the same type of foods. It’s sometimes as easy as swapping the brand, which believe it or not is often cheaper, but can make all the difference to children’s behaviour. Sometimes a life-changing difference.

I’m now writing a user-friendly book which should be published later this year, and which will go into more detail. If you’ve somehow come across my yellow cards and over the last year a leaflet (both have my email on them) and used them to avoid certain additives I’d love to hear your feedback. Or, if you’re interested in learning which additives to avoid, I’ll be happy to send you some information. 

Judy Bowers

Irene Avenue