Adur and Worthing bins: education, better facilities and free bins needed to encourage people to recycle more

Adur and Worthing councils recycling bins
Adur and Worthing councils recycling bins

This idea is frankly ludicrous. The council appears to think that by collecting general waste every fortnight it will force people to recycle more.

We are a large household and presently believe we recycle everything we possibly can, bearing in mind that the council is unable to recycle some plastics labelled as recycleable.

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We already have two large recycling bins and a large general bin.

The recycle bins are always rammed full on the fortnightly collection and the general bin full on the weekly one.

What are we to do going forward? Buy our own bin for £20, apparently, to add to our increasing ‘local tip corner’!

I’d like to understand where our council tax is now going. We seem to be getting fewer and fewer resources and charged more and more.

They claim to be encouraging us to recycle more this way.

Surely the true way to improve recycling is to help educate people, provide better recycling facilities and provide recycling bins for free?

To charge for extra bins and focus on collections is not addressing the issue.

It will be interesting to see what happens when residents have too much rubbish.

More deposited on the streets, more fly-tipping, more journeys to the tip.

All of which increase pollution, cost and frankly still don’t increase recycling.

Come on, think again and think smart.

Don’t just think cost saving using recycling targets as the reason.

Ian Houghton

Goring Road, Goring


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