Adur and Worthing bins: fly-tipping needs to be stopped before change to fortnightly refuse collections

Fly-tipping needs to be stopped before fortnightly collections begin
Fly-tipping needs to be stopped before fortnightly collections begin

I understand the need to change to fortnightly collections and if I lived in an area where bins were used properly I would have no problem with this.

However, I live in an area of the town where rats are rife.

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I’ve spent the last three years trying to rid them from my loft and they get in through the bin store at the side of my property.

People regularly fly-tip outside the bin store, nearby businesses leave their rubbish there, too, and I worry that with only one collection every two weeks this problem will only get worse.

I’m sure I’m not the only Worthing resident experiencing this.

More needs to be done to stop people fly tipping and worse.

Just this week somebody allowed their dog to excrete inside our bin store – no matter if it’s locked with a number lock other people still gain access so it’s an impossible situation.

I just wish I knew what the solution was.

Charlotte Caulkin

Westcourt Road, Worthing


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