Affordable power

IN reference to J. Hetherington’s letter regarding the proposed wind farm off our coast, do they realise E.ON is a German company and that none of the commercial wind farms in the UK are owned by a British company?

The highest proposed wind turbine is 210 metres and there will be 195 of them.

Compare that to Cissbury Ring which is 165 metres above sea level and the Post Office Tower in London which is 177 metres high.

This wind farm will not necessarily be supplying West and East Sussex with power, that was to illustrate how many homes they hope it could supply, it will actually be fed to a grid in Bolney.

The cabling for this will go under the South Downs – just granted National Park status.

All this for a turbine’s life span of 20-25 years.

Wind farms received £500million in grants from the UK last year.

One wind farm was paid £1.2 million to be turned off for 8.5 hours because the National Grid was full to capacity already.

Let’s vote to have these grants directed to households for solar panels or solar roof tiles.

One couple had their household electric bill reduced from £500 to £60 after fitting solar panels.

This is power that people could afford in these hard times.

Now that is when we could use the word EXCITING.

C. Wright

Marine Drive