Afternoon spoiled by dog owner

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Your letters

On the afternoon of Sunday, February 15, I was on the beach with family including two young children.

It was one of the first warm days of the year and the children were playing happily.

We were visited by quite a few dogs off the lead and finally by a woman with three dogs that she let off to run free.

One immediately came next to us and a couple of feet from where the children were playing, the dog, a small, white terrier type, went to the toilet, not once but twice, and completed the occasion be urinating on one lot of its faeces.

The owner, completely ignoring us and our comments, made a half-hearted attempt to clean up but the nature of the deposits and the stoney beach made it virtually impossible. Our afternoon was spoilt and we left immediately.

Unfortunately, the last time these family members were at Ferring beach, a nice autumn day, my grand-daughter trod in dog mess, covering her shoes and new birthday bicycle, both needing to be jet washed.

As you can imagine, the reputation of Ferring beach with my visitors is not good, to say the least.

It’s time to bring an end to this anti-social, health hazardous behaviour. The woman concerned was impervious to what she had allowed her dog to do.

I am assuming this scenario is one that is repeated regularly since Ferring Parish Council has advised in its current parish flyer that it has had residents complaining about ‘dog mess on Ferring beach’. The council asks for complaints to be made to Arun District dog warden, with a copy to the Parish Office.

I am advising, for convenience, that the Arun number is 01903 737951, or via email

I would encourage residents and visitors to support Arun and Ferring PC to try to stop this unpleasant health risk on our lovely beaches.

Maura Blackburn

Ferringham Lane


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