Agreement sign-off

IN your report of the East Arun Area Committee meeting, it was noted that ASDA had used a procedure known as a 278 agreement, to seek permission for a right-hand turn junction for eastbound traffic into their proposed supermarket off the A259 at Ferring.

Based on the comments by West Sussex County Council’s strategic planning officer, this agreement is likely to be signed off imminently.

Twenty years ago, the gaps on this section of the A259 were closed, so that Ferring residents travelling eastbound by car had the additional mileage to the Northbrook College roundabout and back if they wished to return to their properties. However, buses have been allowed to make a right-hand turn into Langbury Lane. Since the traffic lights have been installed, buses have been able to cross the main road in safety.

Assuming that the supermarket will be built, I trust that the county council will give consideration to the residents of Ferring, so that the order banning cars making a right-hand turn into Langbury Lane will be reversed.

Originally, Ferring Parish Council was given an assurance that a roundabout would be provided at that junction, but this has never materialised.

At the present time, there seems to be one law for those supermarket giants who have professionals on planning matters (Sainsbury’s were able to get a similar junction at Rustington after traffic lights were installed), but not much consideration is able to be given to local, law-abiding residents. I trust that the county council will give approval for this request, when the new road layout is designed for this section of the A259.

Christopher F. Green

Sea Lane