Alcohol misuse

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Reader beware, the silly season and political posturing has started already.

What a shame that an important sensitive issue such as alcohol misuse is not portrayed factually, independently and intelligence-led.

Why can’t the creative and committed practitioners be given credit for the excellent work they are doing behind the scenes to keep Worthing a caring and healthy place to be.

The sale of readily available, strong, cheap alcohol to vulnerable people in Central and Heene ward has been a concern for many of us for ages.

The Licensing Committee, of which Cllr Vinojan, I believe, is a member, has been asked previously to address the issue.

A motion was even put to council about the minimum prices of alcohol to ease and address the problem of people buying it and making themselves ill and their families distressed.

The article, promoting a new Tory candidate, a small business person, however states “but from our experience, (Worthing Churches Homeless Project), problems in the town centre have decreased in recent months”. So why are street-drinkers the focus now?

Asking outlets to cut back voluntarily is paramount to asking turkeys to vote for Christmas.

But as they say every little helps and as the police’s Operation Reform shows numbers of street drinkers have radically reduced since their active involvement. Credit where credit is due.

On the other side of the coin, our town can look forward to a new initiative via the Crime Reduction Initiative in conjunction with the hospital, WCHP, the council’s Well Being Hub notably the new alcohol adviser, street pastors, the police and various other focus groups working together in a confidential setting.

From May, this contract will aim to address the more wider issue of reducing the health impact of many of us- the elderly, the isolated, the front-loader drinker and even the hidden crisis of business men self- inflicting future illness upon themselves to name just a few groups.

Sensitive and tailored support, advice and help is available for those self-aware people who want to change their lives positively. Try phoning 01243 642181 weekdays between 8am and 8pm it might just save your life or ask your GP for information about new pilot schemes.

Cllr Hazel Thorpe

High Street,


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