‘All or nothing’ for scheme

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With regard to the excellent 20’s Plenty speed limit initiative, I understand that, from a promising start, West Sussex County Council is now proposing to scale back this scheme for Worthing so that it only covers six of the 13 Worthing wards.

If you are going to have such a scheme at all, then surely it must encompass all residential roads in Worthing?

It is confusing for drivers to have to keep changing speed depending upon which part of Worthing they are driving in.

Also, there is the cost of extra signage to indicate where the limit changes.

This initiative is about the safety of all road users in urban situations.

Are, then, the safety and well-being of people in some parts of Worthing more important than that of others?

We either have a scheme to limit car speed to 20mph throughout Worthing, or not at all.

James Weaver

Sullington Gardens, Worthing