Am-dram show?

I have noted with interest the casting for the Worthing Theatres Christmas shows.

With delight I see that the multi-talented Claire Sweeney is starring at the Pavilion in Santa Claus – The Musical.

However, I am somewhat perplexed at the casting of the so-called ‘name’ at the Connaught.

Not only is there traditionally no such character as ‘Fairy Organic’ in Jack and the Beanstalk, but it is being ‘portrayed’ by Charlie Dimmock, a non-performer best known as a television gardener.

I am sure Ms Dimmock is a delightful lady, but if Worthing Theatres imagine she will pull in the punters, they are sorely mistaken.

Two points here. She is not a trained theatre professional (the rest of the cast will have to carry her, and on a significantly lesser wage), and neither has she been high-profile on our TV sets for quite some time.

The children going to see the panto will have no idea who she is, and, quite possibly, neither will their young parents.

A few years ago, I witnessed Melvyn Hayes in panto at the Connaught – a true professional in charge of the show. Why have standards slipped so?

My money is on Ms Sweeney at the Pavilion – rest assured you will be in safe hands. For am-dram, head to the Connaught.

Mrs B. Cunningham

Farncombe Road