Amazed by letter

I WAS utterly amazed at Emma Taylor’s naïvity (last week’s letters) as to the low turnout at the recent local elections.

It’s not a case of we can’t be bothered – it’s that we understand what our local councillors DON’T do for us – they don’t listen or seem to care.

Despite thousands of people signing petitions, and hundreds more attending the planning committee meeting last October objecting to the granting of planning permission to build 700 plus houses on our local greenfields and turning it into a concrete jungle, FOUR Tory councillors voted to completely ignore us and gave in to the wishes of greedy developers, a greedy landowner and a certain supermarket chain that is anxious to swell its coffers even more!

That is certainly not democracy and until local councillors start to listen to their electorate then they cannot expect us to turn out and support them at the polling stations.

It’s our local councillors that need re-educating — not, as you state, Emma, the people.

When they start to understand they are there to serve the local electorate, then you might see the turnout figures go up again.

Kathleen Cock

Hobart Close