Amazing event

The most exhilerating concert I have seen for some time took place on August 27 at St Symphorian’s Church, Durrington.

Gruffs Male Voice Choir gave a scintillating performance, which uplifted my spirits.

Two talented youths, Michael Winter and Jonathan Duncomb, added to the evening’s entertainment with their clever musical antics.

My thanks to everyone, including musical director Peter Ramssay, who contributed to this magnificent event

Thelma Brown

Twyford Gardens


Enough’s enough

Oh! what a joy to read Duncan Barkes’ column on seagulls (Herald, August 29). First, let me say we are animal and wildlife-lovers belonging to the RSPB and WWF. We live in Worthing, near The Lamb, and we have been plagued by seagulls for years.

They wake the whole road up from 3am with their constant noise, especially when they have young. When these young hatch, all the relatives come to visit – and all join in the dawn chorus !

Recently, a man came to do some work on a pathway leading to disabled bungalows. He could not carry out his duties as he was constantly attacked by a seagull.

It kept sweeping over him and very nearly pecked his head, which he promptly covered over. It was defending its chick, which I think had come down from a roof but was not able to fly very well.

But enough is enough.Constantly being woken at an ungodly hour, terrible mess on the roof, which must be a health hazard to occupants and also others. They also create a nuisance in the town centre. My daughter saw a young lady buy a burger from the van, and before she had put it to her mouth, along came a gull and snatched it away. We entirely agree with either of your suggestions, Duncan. Await to hear others’ views with anticipation

Lavinia Bridger

Franklin Road