‘Amazing help’

On Friday, my usual weekly shopping trip to Morrisons in Worthing turned into a nightmare, before even entering the shop.

I like to take my husband, who has Parkinson’s, with me. Although being pushed around in his wheelchair, it enables him to participate in the normal daily tasks, such as shopping.

We were lucky, on Friday, to find a vacant disabled parking bay in front of the shop, which makes life easier with anyone using a wheelchair.

I had got my husband seated in his wheelchair, and in order to close the car door, had to wheel him backwards.

Thinking he was far enough back, I endeavoured to close the door, but ever so slightly misjudged the distance and just caught the corner of the door on his leg.

The next thing I noticed was his leg was bleeding quite heavily. I rushed into the shop and asked for assistance, and the help my husband received was amazing.

We want to express our gratitude to all the staff at Morrisons who attended to my husband, and especially to Sophie, she was wonderful!

Something like this restores all my faith in human nature.

We frequently hear about the ‘bad guys’ of the world, I wish the media would highlight more often the unsung heroes that make life more bearable, such as to those who are vulnerable and disabled.

Mrs C. Price

Devonport Road