Amazing life

I was amazed at the life of Worthing resident Constance Harrington on the BBC’s Heir Hunters programme recently.

Her life in the WRNS during WWII, working for Louis Mountbatten and the receipt of a thank you letter from him was of great interest.

Apparently, after WWII, Constance became a personal secretary to some of top establishment figures of the day.

Of course, the most interesting of those establishment figures was the War Minister and Conservative MP for Stratford-Upon-Avon, John Profumo.

I put on an exhibition in Dudley in 2003 about former Dudley MP George Wigg, the politician who helped to bring down John Profumo MP in 1963 in Parliament and who ended up as Harold Wilson’s security adviser in the Labour Government of 1964–1969.

In fact, the whole exhibition ended up as the unofficial 40th anniversary exhibition of the Profumo Scandal and appeared on BBC Midlands Today at the time.

I contacted some people with knowledge of the scandal and some loosely involved in it and it is just unfortunate and sad that I never knew Constance existed at that time, she would have been an invaluable source for my researches.

May Constance rest in peace. She was a great and brave lady and hopefully one day somebody will write her life story down from beginning to end.

It would make a great read.

It is sad she never wrote her own autobiography during her lifetime.

Just shows to be interesting, one doesn’t have to spend loads, if any, time in the public eye.

Ian Payne

Thornbury Road