Amusing idea

I was amused by the suggestion to build a new museum. We have a small but excellent museum which appears to have few visitors (Herald letters, June 27).

Whenever I visit there will be me and one other person. Sadly, it will not bring visitors to Worthing.

We need to build more facilities on the quite wide Prom. The east and west need loos and a pub on both areas would be good. There is now no pub on the seafront with a garden. The tiny seating area outside the bar on the seafront at the bottom of South Street barely exists.

We definitely need to encourage new businesses in the vacant properties between South St and the Steyne. As we know, the bicycle hire was a flop. We really do need to bring back the train to take people along the sea front but we need things to do – major investment in Brooklands would help.

Worthing needs to make use of being by the sea, not pretend it only exists as a threat to traffic.

It would be good if we could see the sea rather than huge mounds of gravel which make the beach inaccessible to those with walking difficulties or pushchairs.

Susanna Humphreys

Meadow Road