An aggrieved cyclist

I WOULD like to appeal to the gentleman who knocked me off my bicycle on Monday, July 18, shortly before 2pm on the Northbrook College roundabout, to get in touch with me.

I am sure you know who you are, but, to recap, I was cycling from Goring Street to head up Titnore Lane to St Barnabas House hospice where I work.

Although I was already going round the roundabout, in high- visibility clothing, you failed to stop when approaching from the Littlehampton direction, causing me to fall from my bicycle.

There were a number of other witnesses.

Admittedly, you did stop, apologise and enquire as to my well-being, but with the heavy rain and the need to get off the roundabout, I did not check all my possessions and my bicycle as closely as I would have wished.

You also failed to offer your name and address.

I have since discovered that my mobile phone was damaged and is unusable, and that the rear wheel on my bicycle is buckled and will require replacement.

In addition to this I am also suffering from a stiff neck (probably a form of whiplash when my head hit the ground) – it is just fortunate that serious injury was prevented as I was wearing a helmet which, incidentally, the manufacturers advise should be replaced.

I therefore find that I am likely to be heavily out of pocket for an accident that was clearly not my fault.

I would, therefore, urge you to consider your conscience and to get in touch with me via this newspaper and make good the financial losses which I shall now incur as a result of your actions.

Andy Perry

Ivanhoe Place

Bognor Regis