An apt logo?

I was inspired to create the logo (above) after listening to West Sussex County Council representatives telling parents, at a public meeting, that the planned changes in Worthing were all about schools.

The sub text being, your choice of school and your child’s education is secondary to getting Worthing schools organised neatly.

Even if that means:

– Downsizing good schools to make them fit

– Creating single form schools that will struggle to remain viable and are contrary to WSCC model

– Denying parental choice

– Flying in the face of government policy on parental choice

– Making hundreds of children travel miles to school

– Going against WSCC own Safe Routes to School Policy

– Spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on changes

– Wasting hundreds of thousands of £’s on unused facilities (soon to be empty class rooms).

– Hitting schools with lower budgets.

– Passing the buck to head teachers to manage inevitable staffing reductions.

Dave Butler

Franklin Road