An event to help Angie

Some readers will have read the article you published last week about Angie Ratcliffe, whose parents are taking her to the Son-Rise Centre in Boston for treatment for her autism.

They have already raised £9,000 but the cost for her treatment (which is working well - her vocabulary is growing!) is on-going. I have found her story very moving and want to help.

At the Ardington Hotel on Wednesday, October 17, at noon, I am giving a performance of The Waste Land by T S Eliot, to sound and music composed and recorded by Robert Lee, and I am using the opportunity to take a collection for Angie. This will be followed by a lunch, and you can reserve a place by phoning the hotel on 01903 230451.

The cost is £17.50. This is not a reading, but a dramatic performance and will be of interest to many. Forget any attempt to understand the poem – come and listen to the music of the words, as Eliot himself recommended!

Audrey Lee

Nutley Crescent,