An unsung hero

WITH more spare time than I knew what to do with after retirement just over a year ago, I realised that I could now do something for my own satisfaction and at the same time still prove useful to the community – so I looked into the voluntary sector.

I am now a volunteer for Worthing Society for the Blind (WSB) based at Rowlands Road, Worthing. I had never heard of it before and have since discovered that I was not the only one by any means.

The society has over 500 members, who have vision impairments of varying degrees and the brilliant staff at Rowlands Road run a range of activities, They are also on hand to give specialist advice and support.

This Society is almost unique to Worthing and is very much an unsung hero. Any support you can give would be appreciated, especially if you have any spare time on your hands. WSB is always looking for volunteers for various activities or you could have something completely new to offer which could be of interest to the society.

I for one am so glad I discovered WSB, and feel very privileged to be part of such a wonderful organisation which can help people who would otherwise feel isolated and scared lead a full and enjoyable life. I am looking forward to being involved with the Sensory Morning taking place at 48 Rowlands Road on Friday, March 2.

If you should have an hour or two a week to spare, please consider volunteering for Worthing Society for the Blind . You’ll be very warmly welcomed! Contact 01903 235782 for details on how to join the team.

Sue Gillespie

Howard Street