Appeal thanks

I WOULD like to thank all the residents of Lancing and Sompting for their contributions to our annual Poppy Appeal this year.

The cash collection this year totalled some £15,000 and this has been directly transmitted to the National Fund. This is slightly down on last year but in the present economic climate all charities are experiencing a fall in income.

The Royal British Legion nationally distributes around £150million in benevolence each year and fund raising takes place all year round, but the annual appeal gives the public a direct method of showing their appreciation, and Lancing and Sompting residents respond magnificently. All our volunteer collectors report how cheerfully people contribute.

We are always ready to welcome new volunteers as there is a great deal of work to be done in organising the appeal other than standing with a tray and collecting box.

Similarly, there is much other work done by members of the Legion behind the scenes and we welcome anybody who is interested to consider membership and take an active role. As a bonus, you will also be able to enjoy the facilities of the Ccub. Just call 01903 534433 and speak to a committee member or leave a message and we will contact you.

John Poetz

President, Lancing and

Sompting Branch,

Royal British Legion