Astonished by Tim Loughton’s letter

HAVING read the letter in the Herald by Tim Loughton MP (July 28), I was astonished to see him launch into such a bizarre defence of his conduct in the Houses of Parliament, where he was clearly rebuked on more than one occasion by the Speaker.

I believe that most who have seen or heard the footage would also conclude that the speaker did not lose control of his temper, when facing a “baying mob” who were trying to barrack various questions that the UK electorate are entitled to hear! And in appearing to smear the Speaker with accusations of bias, does he not realise that it’s quite possible that Tory MPs have been pulled up twice as often because they may be twice as unruly?

And it’s interesting, that whilst claiming he was supporting his leader’s “robust answers” regarding Murdoch, he has quoted a Murdoch-owned paper as justification for his inference that the speaker is biased. And, furthermore, the link he gives on his website to that Murdoch publication is one you have to pay to read. I wonder if he, unlike his constituents, is able to claim for a subscription?

He then goes on to accuse a group of travellers of, amongst other things, “greeting him with a torrent of abuse” – does he not realise that the public are fed up with similar behaviour from our so-called representatives in Parliament?

T. Hodgson

Pavilion Road