Astounded by the council

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I am a Ham Road resident and I am absolutely astounded by the way the county council have implemented the new parking zones in East Worthing.

What an idiotic proposal, to introduce a system where additional roads in East Worthing are parking restricted with the exception of one road in the middle of this scheme.

Implementing this system in such a way shows that those who made the decision are either incompetent or idiots.

During the meeting last Tuesday, at East Worthing Community Centre, I couldn’t work out which.

In the real world, if you are to make a change you consider all the consequences.

You don’t act until you have solutions.

So, to impose parking restrictions around Ham Road but excluding Ham Road would obviously mean that people wanting to park without paying, so they can work or shop in Worthing, would be forced to park on Ham Road.

The fact that there is no, unlike the surrounding roads, off-street parking means that the residents already have a real issue parking on this already congested road.

So, I’m back to my question, are the local councillors incompetent for not realising that they would add further frustration and chaos to Ham Road residents as well as businesses or are they idiots that weren’t able to foresee and therefore consider solutions to the issues they would cause? I travel for work.

Twice I haven’t been able park on Ham Road, unable to park on the road in the morning has meant me taking a taxi to the airport leaving my wife to return to the car during her working day to move the car from an adjacent road to Ham Road or get ticketed.

If my wife is home for a couple of hours during the day and it coincides with the CPZ limitations, she has no option to drive around until she is lucky and a space becomes available.

We are the lucky ones, what do you do if, like my neighbour, non-residents take your disabled bay as a last resort to park, or how do you unload a weekly grocery shop with children if you can’t park?

When quizzed by local residents at the meeting last week, I was astounded to hear the problem was down to other departments, no solutions were offered up by the representatives and the only reprieve was that we’d have the situation reviewed in six months.

That’s really helpful when you can’t park now!

Also, during the “consultation”, their attitude, as at the meeting, was appalling.

As I am aware, they offered one solution which was to double yellow line one side of the road thus halving Ham Road parking and when the residents disagreed the matter was closed and silenced until the pillars were erected for the zone sign.

I think I’ve answered my question, they’re incompetent idiots that genuinely don’t care.

Maynard Floyd

Ham Road,