At sixes and sevens

I AM writing to oppose the upcoming bus cuts, more specifically, the removal of the number 6 and number 7 services in the Worthing area.

I strongly disagree with this ruthless action by West Sussex County Council. This is an extremely tough year for most ordinary, decent, hard-working people and is limiting our freedom, especially for the vulnerable people in our area.

I commute on a regular basis to work by public transport and have seen first hand, how important the buses and trains are to our society. They bring people together in all walks of life and allow us to live in a community.

If these bus cuts continue, the council will be guilty of ripping the heart out of our community.

The council should be encouraging people to leave their cars at home and put on MORE buses, not take them away. Isn’t this what we pay our taxes for? Where is this money going?

I fear it is being spent on un-wanted and unpopular policies to build a totally wasted dream of a new swimming pool in Worthing when we already have a perfectly good one.

Daniel De Silva

Heene Road