Attitudes changing

ONE of my daughters suffers from MS and can walk a little way but uses a wheelchair. We had tickets to watch wheelchair basketball.

It meant a reasonably early train from Brighton. Sadly, the two trains to London Bridge were merged into one four carriage train. In our carriage were two wheelchairs and many standing passengers. As we stopped at many stations other passengers attempted to get on but could not.

They all saw the wheelchairs and just said ok and tried to find another space. Many people were unable to get on the train. A number of passengers edged along the carriage but not one person complained about the wheelchairs taking up room. I was most impressed. Thank you to all those squashed people who coped so well.

Attitudes are indeed changing, unlike the woman, who at an earlier event a couple of years ago, who said people like that should not be allowed in with normal people.

People who need crutches, sticks walking aids and wheelchairs are just people, they live, eat and breathe like anyone else.

Perhaps the Olympics and Paralympics will change attitudes for ever. We are all people whatever our abilities or skills, or lack of them.

S. Humphreys

Meadow Road