Awareness week

As a past user of the mental health services in Worthing, I would like to congratulate and sincerely thank the mayor and mayoress for bringing to the attention of Worthing the real facts and needs of people with a mental health illness through the recent Worthing Mental Health Awareness week.

Just like any other illness, it can be a very frightening. It is not a sign of weakness or ‘you can’t cope’, and with the appropriate treatment, help and support, just as in any other illness, life can be enjoyed.

The final concert last week with the Edwardian singers, Gapp and young Lisa’s beautiful solos were a treat and it is so sad that it was missed by so many.

The mayor’s participation in the singing only added to the entertainment.

It was a really good show with plenty of laughter and singing and entry to the event an affordable price.

Penelope Riordan

St George’s Road