‘Awful sight’

DRIVING past what used to be the old Gio’s bar by the pier, I was shocked to see what the new management have done to the front of the bar/restaurant.

I have been assured by the leader of the council that businesses in Worthing are working hard to draw attention to our town as an up-and-coming place to live and work, so I was shocked to see this awful sight on our seafront which will surely draw quite the wrong sort of attention to our town.

Far from raising our profile, I think what’s been done makes our seafront look more like Margate/Southend. I am all for promoting our country and would love to see more English and Union Jack flags flying, but what they have created is cheap, tacky and tasteless.

Over recent months we’ve seen some sophisticated bars and restaurants open in town, Brio and Indigo for example, so I was excited to see that a new fish restaurant was arriving, but now I have seen the frontage I have great reservations about the quality of the establishment.

Would they have had to apply for some sort of planning permission to make these hideous changes I ask myself?

If so, I do hope the council will not permit future sights to adorn our historical seafront. If I wanted to turn the front of my house into a pirate ship, would I be allowed to? Whatever possessed them?

Please ask the residents of Worthing what they think of this awful sight on our seafront as I will now be so embarrassed to walk along the prom with any friends and family that come to visit.

Anne Hobbs

Tarring Road