Barkes is right

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Having read Duncan Barkes article I am in total agreement with what he says.

I do wish they would stop calling the horse meat contamination!

I have eaten a horse steak and it is better than beef steak.

They eat horse meat all the time in Belgium and even have specialist horse butchers.

As usual the narrow-minded, blinkered, ignorant, untraveled Brits haven’t got a clue.

There are still people about who cannot cook a boiled egg let alone a meal from scratch!

It is pure laziness and ignorance passed on from parents to children!

When I see frozen mashed potatoes, frozen chopped cabbage, etc., in the freezers at the supermarket I cannot believe anyone buys such stuff.

It is cheaper to buy the fresh vegetables and do-it-yourself and have some left for the next day.

As Duncan says, they have all got an IPad or an IPhone or a Blackberry and the like but cannot afford the basics for a meal!

Any so called “contamination” must be the E-numbers, additives and preservatives.

In the first news of the “contamination” it was said that pig DNA was found in the meat, but I didn’t hear ANYONE complaining about that!

Keith Fordham

Elm Place