Beach chalets

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It is interesting to read about the anger over plans to convert the ten chalets at Worthing’s East Beach (Herald, August 15), and then to turn over the page and see the concern about the dangers from cyclists who pose a constant danger to people in this very same area.

Whilst we might welcome the colour that an artist’s enclave might bring to Worthing, it is reasonable to ask the question if this is the right place for it.? One wonders if this has been the subject of a risk assessment in terms of heath and safety issues.

Certainly, if it is wished to make this into an arts-focus, attracting more people into the area, one should ask if it is appropriate to have a cycle lane going through the middle of it.

I have certainly seen many near misses or children grabbed out of the way of speeding cyclists just in time.

This particular spot is lovely on a sunny day, but for a considerable part of the year only determined and intrepid walkers will venture along this section of the path. Is it appropriate to have an arts centre that will only really operate in the summer months?

It has also been pointed out to me that the area is too constricted and there is no room for organic growth.

There are also questions that have been raised about the management of the project. To ensure success, should it not be a community-managed project rather than an arrangement between the council and a local businessman.

I think if we are serious about having an arts centre, we need to give it a little more thought as to where it should be located.

There should not be any changes that might attract more people to his area until the issue of the conflict between cyclists and pedestrians is safely resolved.

Cllr David Chapman

Wiston Avenue